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Coronavirus update

As the rate of infection are rising, we are seeing more pupils and their families being affected and concerned. We are asking all pupils and parents to think hard about their behaviour and actions so that we can try to keep our school as safe as we can.

1. Only one person is allowed onto site to deliver/collect pupils. Any other people should wait outside of the school grounds.

2. Pupils who attend Wilsthorpe or other schools off campus are not allowed onto to our playground at the end of the day. After being in another school environment, this increases the risk of cross contamination. The exception is Parklands as the risk for transmission from younger children is considered to be lower.

3. Do not congregate in groups when on campus - the rule of 6 still applies and this should be 6 from 2 households. The groups who continue to gather across 3 or 4 families will be moved on. You cannot wait for other family groups whilst on school grounds.

4. Please refrain from touching, hugging children from other households/school bubbles. We work really hard to keep pupils separate during the school day. This maintains as safe an environment as we can - please do your part to support this.

5. The school cannot support any foreign travel at this time and any parent planning this will need to speak to Mrs Wilmot regarding the COVID-19 risk assessment and procedures that apply to our school.

6. No-one (adult or child) should attend school if they feel unwell and have any COVID-19 symptoms.

7. If anyone tests positive in your family, you should all isolate immediately. Please contact the school on 07395 161190 to arrange for collection of your children.

(the old landline number is not available to use due to it being damaged in the fire).


The school can help support you if you feel your child is showing symptoms - please ring and ask to speak to Mrs Wilmot.