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IMPORTANT - Campus update re COVID-19 cases.

Given the current outbreak of cases of COVID-19 at Wilsthorpe School, Mrs Callaghan and I are working together to ensure that the campus stays as COVID-free as possible under these difficult circumstances. This will allow our schools to remain open for education.

Please may I reiterate that if your child presents with any of the symptoms of COVID-19, or they appear unwell, DO NOT bring them (OR THEIR SIBLINGS) to either school. We would prefer you to act with caution and keep them off. These absences will be authorised. Those with siblings attending Wilsthorpe School should be closely monitored to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community.
If your child appears unwell and may have symptoms, we recommend that you book a PCR test for them straight away (not a lateral flow rapid test) and proceed accordingly.
Please be aware that young children do not always present with the ‘official’ symptoms so if in doubt, please act with caution and book a PCR test for them.
We ask that you keep in contact with the school so that any results (positive or negative) can be recorded in line with Public Health regulations.
Please note that school are also acting with caution and if it is suspected that any pupil may have COVID-19, we will contact you to collect your child as promptly as is possible as these pupils will need to be isolated in school in accordance with the COVID risk assessment to prevent cross contamination.
Your co-operation is not only appreciated but also invaluable at this current time