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Invite for Year 2 pupils to meet Year 3 staff

On Monday 20th July we are inviting Year 2 pupils to attend for an introductory session lasting for 25 minutes. This will allow children to meet the Year 3 team and to pick up their summer resource pack (if one has been ordered). I realise that this is a small gesture but I feel it is important for us to meet, even if for a very short period of time.


The meeting will take place in a marquee/large gazebo as we have no indoor premises available. Pupils can only attend in groups of 15 and, for ease of organisation, this will be in their existing classes. The meeting will last for 25 minutes.

Due to Coronavirus regulations, only pupils will be able to access the area; only one adult should bring their child and they will need to wait in the outside area or in their car until the meeting is finished. Harrington Junior School will still be open and in operation with Year 6 and key worker children in attendance.

Pupils will be given a time to attend and should report to the brick single-storey building at the top of the campus drive where you will be met by staff. Please do not drive up the drive as this will create a health and safety issue.

If you wish your child to attend, you will need to book into a time slot relevant for your existing class by sending an email to Only 15 pupils are allowed in any one group.

Times available on Monday 20th July:

Class 6 Mrs Kilarski    10:00-10:25 /   10:30-10:55

Class 5 Miss Wilson    11:00-11:25 /   11:30-11:55

We look forward to meeting you.