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During this difficult time over the past 7 weeks we have had a steady and now increasing flow of children attending school for much-needed provision due to their parents being key workers or by meeting the criteria to attend. All pupils have been fabulous in adapting to the new routines and systems, as well as happily joining in safely. This couldn't have been done without the care, time and commitment of all of our staff.


It has also been lovely to keep in touch with so many of our families through the dojo and telephone. It has helped us to stay connected and has enabled school to offer advice and support as requested and for us all to have the exchange of friendly voices creating some much needed sense of normality.

Thank you to all the children and parents for sending their lovely posts and emails containing some of work that has been done - you really have been busy. It also allows us a chance to send you back a message and to praise you for having the dedication to work at home and the effort for you to send it back in. Mrs D and I look at every one that is sent in - the powerpoints, worksheets, pictures, photos, artwork, creative projects and beautiful writing and we are full of praise for you  and your families, who must be taking time to support you, encourage you and then return it back to school. We will always send you a response and Mrs D creates a collage of the terrific work we are receiving and posts it on the dojo. I do hope you are enjoying them.

We are also happy to help with any homework - Mrs D is busy responding to individual questions and I have just posted on our website some help for maths as has been requested.

There is still time for you to be involved - just ring, email or dojo. It's that simple.


I shall be sending another update early next week when more information is released from the government.

Well done to you all - keep going, keep safe and keep well.

Be kind to all.