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Kind and safe use of the internet

It is understandable that children may be having more access to computers, tablets and phones and therefore are having increased screen time. 

During this very difficult time, it is even more important to be kind - we would ask all pupils not to use the internet or social media to be unkind. Always think of what you are saying and how this may impact upon the person it is directed to. We would ask all parents to check the content of texts, emails and messages/group chats to support this.


Remember you need to check frequently:

  • What sites your child is using
  • How much time they are actually online
  • Who is interacting with your children online - is it their peers, family or new people? Ask how they have linked? Be aware that some sites may be accessed and used by people to deliberately target children.
  • What the nature of the interactions are - check the content and tone. Talk to your child about reporting any concerns to you.


To help you, here is a list of resources that can help keep your children safe online -Thinkuknow, the UK Safer Internet CentreLondon Grid for LearningNet AwareInternet Matters and Parent Info


If you are accessing learning resources that are not listed on our website please ensure you check for reputable organisations or individuals (e.g. such as using new online companies or tutors). They should be able to provide evidence of being safe to work with children by giving you their DBS information.


Further sources of support include Childline, the UK Safer Internet Centre and Child Exploitation and Online Protection command (CEOP).


Don't take risks.

Don't give personal information to people you do not actually know.

Use age appropriate sites and games.

Take regular breaks.

Always report content that worries you or if anyone asks you to do something that makes you uncomfortable or asks you to keep a secret - be sensible, include your family, keep safe.