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School closure expectations

As we reach the end of the first week, it has been another long week filled with issues to solve and ways to make learning accessible.

PLEASE DO NOT STRESS OVER THE HOME LEARNING - simply do what you can. There are no expectations. There is no pressure, especially for those parents having to work from home. It is very difficult, near impossible, to try to do both of these things at the same time and we recognise this. There may also be conflict over bandwidth, access to devices and space to work at home with everyone being there together.

The powerpoints do have audio clips and your children should be familiar with this as it is what we use in class. Simply hover over the speaker, or click to hear the instruction. Work can be recorded in one notebook or on paper. We will also be saving worksheets in Word to enable pupils to record directly onto them rather than rely on a printer. Please send photos of work to the teacher on dojo so we can see how well you are doing and give feedback and the praise deserved.


We do not have broadband in school so cannot live stream at present. However, we are trying to find a way to have some interaction with pupils at home over the next few weeks to make contact with all pupils and to check how they are.

We are able to give hard copies of work if needed, and will be collating a list of interactive sources of work ideas and include more creative aspects for pupils to use independently. We have ordered workbooks too that we aim to make available for those who prefer this option. Please inform your teacher via dojo if you feel you need or would like this option.

I fully realise how difficult this situation may be for families at home and we aim to make this as easy as we can. Any learning that your child does - reading, watching educational TV/internet clips, drawing, using maths, writing diaries/list/letters to their teacher, baking, exercising - is good for them. But I also do not want parents to feel under pressure when things are already difficult enough.

Take care, stay safe, stay healthy.