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School update

Today marks the end of our first full week and, although the children are tired, all has gone well. Pupils have got reading books, have begun the creative curriculum topics and are getting into the swing of the new routines and regulations.


A couple of things have arisen that I need to clarify:

1. As we have no kitchen facilities and we import our food now, we are unable to offer any alternatives to the food menu (with exception for pupils who have cultural or dietary requirements).If your child does not like the menu on a certain day, I would recommend sending sandwiches instead. Unfortunately we are unable to offer the flexibility we once did.

2. As I have already posted, there has been an error made with the dinner menu and this week has followed the plan for Week B. Next week's menu will follow Week C. I will be altering the dates on the website menu this weekend so please look again next week for future food plans. The catering service apologise for this error. Please note we are using the 'Hot to Go' menu and that all options are subject to availability and delivery of food under COVID-19 restrictions.

3. We are unable to store any scooters or bikes at present. ALL parents must take them home with them after arrival. We cannot make any exceptions as we need to be fair to all families and we have simply had too many requests to be able to facilitate this safely as all areas are either play areas or access points. Anyone who will not adhere to this, will have property removed. This is a temporary rule as we do not have any safe storage facilities. I hope to be able to sort this over the next month and be able to lift this rule after half term when we have something suitable. As the access has changed, I would recommend that, when we do allow storage, that all bikes and scooters are locked. School cannot be responsible for any loss or theft for abandoned property. 

Your co-operation is appreciated.